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Ebang International Holdings Inc. is a global blockchain technology and Fintech company with strong application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC ) chip design capability. With years of industry experience and expertise, it has become a global Bitcoin mining machine producer. Based on its deep understanding of the Fintech industry and compliance with laws and regulations in various jurisdictions, it has launched professional, convenient and innovative Fintech service platforms.

Company strives to diversify its offerings and achieve a more stable financial performance by seeking cryptocurrency mining and farming businesses while further expanding into more Fintech businesses, and exploring future opportunities. As of the date of this annual report, it has also been operating a cryptocurrency exchange platform and a cross-border payment and foreign exchange platform.

Company believes its extensive experience in the blockchain and Fintech industries positions it well in its future endeavors. It intends to continue to concentrate its efforts in its blockchain and Fintech related businesses in 2024, and will adjust, from time to time, our strategic plan based on market demand, including pursuing business opportunities outside of the blockchain and Fintech industries, including the sustainable energy industry.

Company is committed to become a world-renowned blockchain technology and Fintech company through technological innovation.